Welcome to Mystic River Resort, an unaltered destination where the tranquility of the jungle life will embrace you from the moment you arrive.

This nature-based luxury resort is in the heart of the Belize Jungle.  Experience adventure and serenity while canoeing or tubing the Macal River, climbing atop ancient Maya Ruins, wading through the Maya Underworlds, or hiking our onsite jungle trails.

These hands-on experiences paired with our savoring cuisine will expose your senses to an unforgettable Belize immersion.  Your vacation will be a scene from your favorite jungle book as you wake to chippering birds and soothing winds.  Walk our trails and discover flowering plants and lush jungle beds that cradle your luxuriously fitted suite.

In order to provide our guests with the most authentic Belize experience, we offer no internet, televisions or phones in our suites!  Internet is available in our common areas and office. We recommend travelers insurance.

So, come with a sense of wonder and let us leave you with a sense of awe!


Belize at its finest!

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