Scarlet Macaw Expedition

We took a tour organized by MR just for us …… eager to see the Scarlet Macaws in their native habitat, we asked if this could be set up. Staff put this together – although rarely done we hope it will become something more people can and will do. The small boat floating up the lake and into the river …….. the Scarlet Macaws nesting ……. beyond description. Definitely able to check one item off my bucket list after this adventure!! We also hiked a trail in the jungle eventually coming to gentle water-falls on limestone ledges and ending up at a crystal clear rock-pool ….. feeling like Indiana Jones or maybe Adam and Eve.  Mystic River Guest, Diane C., Tripadvisor 

Scarlet MacawBegin your day with a cup of coffee and an early breakfast and set out on a 2 hour drive to the Chalillo Dam along the Macal River.   We then take a  boat ride across  the Chalillo Lake and upriver to where the river runs more wild. From here, we disembark to the river bank and  hike up into the rainforest for about 1/2 mile  to a small crystal waterfall area with the possibility of swimming.  The Scarlet Macaw is known to nest in this area and forage for fruits and berries in the forest along the riverbank.   Catch a glimpse of these magnificent endangered animals  in their natural habitat. Includes a picnic lunch.   A tour of a lifetime!

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