La Fromagerie Artisanal Cheese House – cheese making

La Fromagerie Artisanal Cheese House – cheese making

cheese making - herbed goat cheese
cheese making – herbed goat cheese

Nadege Thomas, owner of Mystic River Resort, is a woman who is always striving to please her guests with the most personal and professional service. Everything is prepared with care and with the best quality.  Here’s what she has to say about Mystic River’s “La Fromagerie” and cheese making:

Cheese making is something I have wanted to do ever since I first arrived in Belize and may be even before, but my path in life never allowed me to do it!  Canada is my chosen country but you just cannot remove the French in me and I love my cheese!!  Especially goat cheese which can be very difficult and at times impossible to find in Belize!  So, our new project of cheese making using fresh milk from our lovely goats, is well underway.  We provide as much and as many homemade organic products as possible.

So come and enjoy the delicious food our kitchen prepares on a daily basis.  I am now working on making Blue Cheese which is another one of my favourites! I actually have so many favourite cheeses that I might be very busy for a very long time!  If I can get that accomplished I think I will be very happy!

We produce all the goat cheese, yogurt, ricotta, cheddar, mozzarella and specialty cheeses for our kitchen.  We are very proud to serve our guests a taste of that special homemade artisan cheese!  We also use our goat milk to handcraft botanical soaps for our new line of organic bath products “Maya Scents”



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