Homemade Cheese

A few years ago, I decided to start making my own cheese for the resort because of a lack of good cheese in Belize!  Being French born and a great lover of cheese myself, I had a keen interest in goats and their milk, so goat it was! That decision lead to some amazing discoveries about goats, where to get them in Belize and most importantly how to make the cheese itself since I had not a clue.  I took a one week course on “101 cheese making” and I was off.  The rest is all about learning as you go, mistakes and all!

Over a period of a few months, we put together a small herd of about 15 odd goats, built a “cheese house” for me to make the cheeses et voila!  “La Fromagerie” at Mystic River Resort was born.  We have been supplying all the cheeses and yogurt available at the resort ever since, and have even recently added a “Cheese Sampler” at the Palapa Bar available seasonally for our guests to sample some of our creations.  Please ask our friendly front desk team for more information.

Our goats now number over 100 and are some of the best looking goats in Belize.  We are very proud of them!

Come milk the goats with our staff every morning at 7.30 and learn a little bit about being a goat Shepard! (Please note that activity is seasonal.)

There is a “Cheese Sampler Plate” available at the bar where you will appreciate three of our favorite cheeses, including our “coconut cheese”, a fresh goat cheese rolled in coconut and deep fried! Make sure you order a glass of your favorite wine at the same time! (Please note that this item is seasonal.)

Cost: $10 per person / plate (+10% service charge)

(Wine not included)


Your perfect nature-based vacation is waiting!

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