Fascinated by large hand-made structures?  Then Caracol is your next stop.

Its ancient courtyards, residential complexes and ball court are testimonies to a different way of life.

With over 100 excavated tombs, this site brags the tallest structure Caana (Sky Place) which stands over 140 feet/42 meters above the jungle canopy. For those who dare to climb, they can marvel at 360 panoramic views of the untamed Belize jungle and neighboring Guatemala.

This site was first reported by a native logger named Rosa Mai, who came across its remains in 1937 while searching for Mahogany hardwood trees; since then, more than 40 monuments, some of them dating back to 1200 BC have been discovered.

On your return, you will stop at the Rio On Pools for a refreshing dip before heading back to the resort.

Duration: Full Day

Lunch: Packed lunch included

Difficulty: Moderate

Price: US$150 per person plus 10% service charge

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